Sunday, February 12, 2012


As I was planning out the individual spaces of this facility I decided to place the more public areas on the first level and the private areas on the second level.  The first level will allow the public to access the facility for classes, training sessions, and research.   The second level contains spaces designated for therapy, medical examinations, and evaluations.   Patients will enter through the back entrance near the elevators so that they do not have to travel throughout the first level.

I have posted images of the two floor plans below to show a possible layout of these spaces.




  1. Looks like you got the second floor elevations right. Is the 1st floor lobby in the back just an area to catch the elevator?

  2. I am thinking you might need a clinician work space on the second floor. Somewhere they can write their notes, conference, or make phone calls with some privacy.

  3. Your plans looks very functional and well thought out. Nice job working around all the columns!

  4. Malia- This looks awesome! I think sometimes we get tied up in making our plans unique and visually different, and we forget that users will actually have to navigate these spaces! I love the plans!

  5. Malia, I think this is a good start on your floor plans. This is not an easy footprint to work with!
    I have some questions I was hoping to discuss with you during crits this week related to:
    1) entrances - duplicate doors at back entrance
    2) vertical circulation - alignment b/t floors
    3) secured doors at lobby to corridor transition - perhaps glass doors for transparency?
    4) add a second door b/t Admin Assist and Admin Director
    5) add an interior feature wall at the 2nd floor waiting room for privacy of patients
    6) there is a duplicate room on 2nd floor (Mech/Elec.) - advise you put a Therapy (or similar) room at the window wall
    7) need for a secondary waiting/greeter-volunteer reception area at the back entrance?