Saturday, April 30, 2011


Recently, I discovered this creative and fun website called Sara&Bendrix.  A woman named Veronika created this design studio in London that specializes in handmade pictures.  The products are based on heart pieces that are unique, modern, vintage, simple, beautiful, and give off a sculptural appeal to a living space.

What first drew me to these fun creations was that they were completely original.  Handmade pieces of art always appealing to me because it makes it one of a kind.  Sara&Bendrix allows you to customize your product with a favorite song, poem, message from a loved one, names of your children, favorite place, special date, or it can just be kept simple.  These pieces can become a great present for a loved one or an addition to your home.






Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Indoor Swing

Paul Mitarchi designed a house equipped with an indoor swing.  When I first saw this I instantly loved the idea.  The indoor swing brings a playful element to a practical open space.  The high ceilings make it possible to install the swing inside.  I love the suggestion of bringing a spirited, energetic, and exterior childhood pastime into the home.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hospitality Design

This week in my Professional Practice class I had to present information about hospitality design.  This assignment helped provide information in field of design that I was unfamiliar with.  The three design firms that gave me perspective in this area are Hirsch Bedner Associates, Bilkey Llinas Associates, and Gensler.

 Hospitality design focuses on producing hotels, resorts, restaurants, conference centers, and recreational facilities.  This field of interior design combines the resilience of commercial but also the sense of home that residence establishes.  What I like about hospitality design is that you can create drama, fantasy, and comfort that is not as restricted as other areas of interior design.

Friday, April 8, 2011


I'm not sure why I love closets.  It is partly because I can fill them with clothes, shoes, or jewelry.  Still, closets are usually the last thing I think about when I design a space. When designing, I tend to think of closets as a tiny space that must be attached to a bedroom.  Yet, closets are an essential part of living with a female, and should be an important step in designing a residence.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Eco-Friendly Home

Entrance Photo by Mariko Reed
This stylish custom home is a certified LEED platinum design.  It is located in northern San Fransisco, and was designed by Scott A. Lee.  The best thing about this home is that it is eco-friendly.  It contains LED lighting, natural insulation, solar-power supplied electricity and hot water, radiant floor heating, and a recirculation system.  The products used to construct this residence were selected for their eco-friendly qualities such as Kohler low-flow plumbing fixtures, Mythic zero-VOC paints, stone veneers that are made sustainably, and high-recycled content interior concrete.
Open Concept Kitchen Photo by Mariko Reed

What I like most about this house that the kitchen contains chalkboard paint.  Most kitchens have painted walls or a backsplash which need fossil fuels to produce and ship.  Therefore, using chalkboard paint is an eco-friendly decision is fun and creative.  Another interesting aspect is the designer did not limit the color scheme to a nature's palette.  In addition to the typical shades of blue, green, white, and brown, he also incorporated a punch of color.
Contemporary Fireplace and Cozy Space Photo by Mariko Reed

Photo by Mariko Reed