Saturday, April 2, 2011

Eco-Friendly Home

Entrance Photo by Mariko Reed
This stylish custom home is a certified LEED platinum design.  It is located in northern San Fransisco, and was designed by Scott A. Lee.  The best thing about this home is that it is eco-friendly.  It contains LED lighting, natural insulation, solar-power supplied electricity and hot water, radiant floor heating, and a recirculation system.  The products used to construct this residence were selected for their eco-friendly qualities such as Kohler low-flow plumbing fixtures, Mythic zero-VOC paints, stone veneers that are made sustainably, and high-recycled content interior concrete.
Open Concept Kitchen Photo by Mariko Reed

What I like most about this house that the kitchen contains chalkboard paint.  Most kitchens have painted walls or a backsplash which need fossil fuels to produce and ship.  Therefore, using chalkboard paint is an eco-friendly decision is fun and creative.  Another interesting aspect is the designer did not limit the color scheme to a nature's palette.  In addition to the typical shades of blue, green, white, and brown, he also incorporated a punch of color.
Contemporary Fireplace and Cozy Space Photo by Mariko Reed

Photo by Mariko Reed

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