Sunday, May 8, 2011

Schematic Counseling Center Design

The Counseling Center is an organization devoted to helping others.  They offer a supportive environment where clients can discover a broad range of life concerns including emotional, interpersonal, or psychological.  Services are provided for adolescents and adults seeking individual, group, or family therapy.  The main objectives of the facility are to build one's strengths, help one reach their potential, and develop healthy relationships and support systems that best fits the client.  The design of the facility allows these objectives to be carried out by providing a safe and comforting atmosphere for its clients.  The bright and natural colors chosen in each design were selected to stimulate positive emotions and provide a calming effect on individuals who enter the space.  In addition, circulation throughout the building is simple allowing quick and easy access to each therapy room to ensure privacy.  Therefore, by putting the client mentally at ease when first accessing the building is an important step to recovery. 

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