Sunday, May 1, 2011


The greenwall is a modern idea that is already making the world greener.  It is a vertical garden that grows on a building.  The greenwall is a soil-less garden that naturally imitates the growing conditions where green walls occur naturally.  This innovative product adds an interesting feature to a space while at the same time valuable to have around.

I like the greenwall because it brings and contemporary style to a space.  In addition, it has many environmental and commercial benefits.

Environmental Benefits:
Increased thermal insulation to buildings
Noise dampening 
Polishes grey and/or black water
Can run on recycled or harvested water
Can run on recycled or harvested water
Cleaner air, (removal of V.O.C.)
Healthier buildings and people
Commercial Benefits:
Green branding of building and company
Green star rating points
Increase in building value
Investing in an original piece of art
Space saving
Raising employee productivity 

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