Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ghost of a Chair

The Ghost of a Chair is an innovative creation that is unlike anything I have seen before.  I love how it creates the appearance of movement in a stationary piece of furniture.  What I find appealing about this chair is how it displays itself. It brings about the idea that it is not a chair but only the memory of one.  The Ghost of a Chair appears to be a ghostly spirit locked in time.

The Ghost of a Chair is modern, creative, and functional.  It can be placed in any type of setting, customized in any color, and hold up to 150 kls.  The chair was imaginatively designed by Valentina Gonzalez Whohlers.  It is uniquely hand-made from a 4mm transparent acrylic sheet.  The manufacturer drapes the immaterial and fairly translucent sheet over a Louis XV Chair.  This provides the impression of the classic chair transforming it into a modern piece.  Every replication of the chair is different and unrepeatable because of the unusual manufacturing process.  


  1. This chair is fabulous! Not only is it a work of art, and unique sculpture, but it's functional!! However, I would hate to have to find my way through a dark room with these around.

  2. So True Chasity! haha I actually just saw a side table made the same way with acrylic. It was just the "table cloth" that created the table. love it!